We are a collaboration of people who care and have a commitment to provide equal and fair opportunities in life for children and families of Capel Sound. With this in mind, the staff at Seawinds Early Learning Centre and Eastbourne Primary School undertook to start a project called the Abecedarian Project in 2016.

All children (6months – 6 years) attending Seawinds Early Learning Centre and Eastbourne Primary School are benefitting from this project. Every day, children work with adults on this proven approach focussing on literacy and language development. This is allows for a 1:1 or 1:2 experience for adults and children. The more opportunities, or dosages, that a child experiences of the Abecedarian Project, the greater the benefit.

Teachers assess the children to ascertain each child’s development and strengths so they can systematically and deliberately plan individualised learning opportunities. There is a strong focus on intentional teaching. This approach monitors and supports children to endure they grow and develop in accordance with the developmental continuum.


The techniques used are:


Conversational Reading


Learning Games


Enriched Caregiving

This approach supports children in the development of their language and literacy skills and cognitive abilities. The Abecedarian Approach is embedded within the classroom activities; it is part of the every day thoughtfully planned program.

Parents are encouraged to continue the techniques at home with their children. Information is given to parents through information sessions, newsletters and conversations with teachers.