Parents FAQ


Q: Why is Seawinds using the Abecedarian Approach?

A: To improve learning outcomes for children, and ensure that they are better prepared for school, and for life

Q: How much time do I need to spend doing the Abecedarian Approach at home?

A: The involvement of a child’s family makes a big difference in your child’s progress, and is a great way to continue the quality education and care that your child is receiving at Child Care / Kindergarten. Just a few minutes spent talking and/or reading and/or caring with your child is all you need to spend each day.

Q: What if I don’t want my child to be part of the Abecedarian approach?

A: At Seawinds, children come first.  So, please, talk with us about your individual needs and we will do our best to meet the needs of your family.

Teachers/Educators FAQ


Q: What are the benefits of using the Abecedarian approach?

A: Once the Abecedarian approach becomes part of your normal programming to meet the needs of each individual child, the implementation process creates a much more intentional way of teaching that demonstrably brings results.

It is very exciting for a teacher or educator to be able to actually track the progress of each individual child, and see how your work has had a real impact on the learning outcomes for children.

Q: Is the Abecedarian Approach easy to implement?

A: Yes, the approach provides a method of intentional teaching that enables children to start school with the key early childhood skills they need to succeed at school.

Q: Do all Teachers and Educators need to be trained in the Abecedarian Approach for it to be effective in the centre?

A: At Seawinds, we aim to have all of our staff trained in the Abecedarian approach.  However, for casual or relief staff, following the programs created by room leaders ensures the continuation of the effective implementation of the Abecedarian approach.



Q: How do I become a volunteer with the Abecedarian program?

A: Call Seawinds Community Hub (03) 5982 2204 – or email:, and our Volunteer Coordinator will respond to your request, and arrange to meet and talk with you about the program.

Q: How much time do I need to give each week?

A: We ask that each volunteer commits around two hours each week.  However, if you wish to go on holidays or take leave for a personal reason, we can accommodate your individual needs.

Q: Is there any special training that I need to undertake?

A: Yes, we conduct a half-day training

Q: Do I need to pay for the training?

A: No, there is no expense for the training.

Q: Are there any other requirements?

A: Every volunteer at Seawinds needs to hold a current Working with Children Check (these are free)

Q: Do I spend time with the same child each week?

A: No, the Room Leader will direct you regarding tasks required when you attend each week